GO WITH THE FLO (half-hour pilot - coming-of-age/dark comedy) 

When an introverted small-town girl is diagnosed with brain cancer and is given two months to live, she goes on a diabolical rampage to live a more exciting life, living along the fine line of good and evil and later her misdiagnosis has her trying to pick up the pieces before it’s too late.

LOIS LAKE - CAPED CRUSADER (coming of age feature) 

After a precocious seven-year-old girl’s father dies, she must rally the superheroes from her fantasy world to battle the demons that her Mother faces as she spirals into depression.


AN AMERICAN DREAM (one-hour pilot - drama) (based on true events)

A white supremacist group silently takes control of a small town by infiltrating and recruiting its citizens, however, they didn’t count on them not giving up so easily. 

ELIZABETHTOWN (one-hour pilot dramatic thriller - period)

When a clash against deep-seated family ethics, immigrant rivals, and unearthly spirits emerge, two star-crossed lovers must unite and carve out life to secure a steadfast future together.

BAGGAGE (one-hour pilot high concept thriller/procedural) 

An investigative team of FBI and MI10 agents must band together to solve the crimes that came upon the high-jacking of Flight 19 from London to New York, and the sorted stories that followed.

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