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BAGGAGE (hour pilot - thriller/procedural 

When a plane is hijacked over international waters, a meticulous British secret service agent is forced to work with her inept CIA counterpart to investigate the lives of the 360 passengers, who are all considered suspects. But as their excess baggage unpacks, the investigation creeps closer to home.

FAITH (hour pilot - thriller/procedural)

When a spiraling out of control undercover police officer hits her bottom, her life is manipulated by a mysterious wealthy business man that tries to change her life’s trajectory for the better in order to recruit her to be part of his team of vigilante do gooders.

GO WITH THE FLO (half-hour pilot - coming-of-age/dark comedy) 

When an introverted adopted small-town girl is diagnosed with brain cancer and is given two months to live, she goes on a diabolical rampage to live a more exciting life, living along the fine line of good and evil but later her misdiagnosis has her trying to pick up the pieces before it’s too late.

LOIS LAKE - CAPED CRUSADER (coming of age feature) 

After a precocious seven-year-old girl’s father dies, she must rally the superheroes from her fantasy world to battle the demons that her Mother faces as she spirals into depression.


AN AMERICAN DREAM (one-hour pilot - drama) (based on true events)

After a group of Neo-Nazis infiltrate a small town, a virtuous but conflicted woman must attempt to protect her family and community while also grappling with an ALS diagnosis.

ELIZABETHTOWN (one-hour pilot dramatic thriller - period)

When a clash against deep-seated family ethics, immigrant rivals, and unearthly spirits emerge, two star-crossed lovers must unite and carve out life to secure a steadfast future together.

THE MISFITS (half-hour dark comedy)

When her happy-go-lucky child, given up at birth, shows up on her doorstep twenty years later, a cynical, suicidal chef must rally her family of adolescent middle-aged misfits to help her navigate the absolute fuckery of life.

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