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As a member of the gay mafia, Don champions his LGBTQ+ characters to be strong distinct and non-apologetic in their discovery of their authentic self’s. Whether it’s a closeted Neo-Nazi white supremacist, a small town bi-sexual mix-raced introvert or a Native American trans healer, Don empowers them with the will to survive as their authentic selves at any cost.  


As a little gay kid and confused atheist alter boy, Don eventually found his wings to flea the hypocrisy as a fabulous but frustrated FLIGHT ATTENDANT in hopes to figure out where and how he fits into the world. He resides in the windy city...he’s sure he’ll have all his questions answered soon.


Don was born on the flatlands of Canada. He’s been a chameleon as an actor, writer, and award-winning director. He has directed, written, produced, edited three short films. Studied with the brilliant minds at Roadmap Writers, and the ah inspiring HB Studios (Uta Hagen). His scripts have placed at WeScreenplay, Screencraft, and is in the second round for the Sundance Episodic Lab 2020. (AN AMERICAN DREAM)

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